Explore Bamfield

East Bamfield village

The East Bamfield village, situated within 200 meters of your campsite, has the Huu-ay-ahy First Nations Pub, Motel, Market, Marina and Café, Breakers Marine (boat and tire repair and fishing supplies) and Bamfield Builders with hardware and camping gear, and the Bamfield Health Clinic (specializing in fish hook removal).

West Bamfield village

Visit West Bamfield! There is the must-do Bamfield Boardwalk with its clapboard houses, public composting toilets, Cougar Pass (young males should walk in groups), the Boardwalk Bistro, Bamfield Mercantile and Marine store, Rose’s post office, Canadian Life Saving Station, and access to Bamfield’s favourite, Brady’s Beach.

Anacla and Pachena Beach

Pachena Beach is located in a magnificent setting on the shores of Pachena Bay, where the Pachena River flows into the ocean. It is located next to the Huu-ay-aht First Nations community of Anacla, nestled amidst a virgin rainforest on Vancouver Island’s unspoiled west coast.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve's West Coast Trail start/finish is located at the other end of the beach. Check out their visitor information center!


Bamfield hosts cougars, wolves, and black bears in the surrounding woods.  Mostly, these are shy but the bears can be drawn to your neglected food. Bear watching is best at low tide, while Uris flips rocks in search of small crabs. Mink, deer, racoons, and river otters are common, and elk might be seen on the Bamfield road. Seals, sea lions (stellar and Californian) and whales (grey, humpbacks and orca) frequent local waters. And in the air, eagles, ravens (you can hear the whoosh of their wings), chatty kingfishers, crows, song birds, the odd osprey, migrating vees of geese and hummers

Bamfield News

The monthly The New Bamfielder, available in Bamfield stores and the post office, airs local issues, joys and faux pas. This paper is gratis but your donations support free music lessons for Anacla and Bamfield kids.


Internet access in Bamfield is notorious. Wi-Fi is available at the Huu-ay-aht First Nations Market, motel and Café and at a few poorly defined spots around the village. There is no access on the Bamfield road. Computers and internet access are available at the Bamfield Community School.


Books and such.  The Bamfield Community School houses a neat library where you can lounge and read and mail-order books from the Vancouver Island Regional Library. Free books are available at the liberated telephone booth next to Bamfield Merchantile and Marine store and at the re-cycle depot. The Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre has a library rich in marine oriented books. The Centennial Park Information Centre carries autographed books by local writers at a great price.


The Bamfield Mall, aka the Bamfield Re-cycle Depot, is a scavenger’s dream. One Bamfielder has sworn off buying cloths except for socks and underwear. Also, this is where you drop off your garbage (most of which can be recycled).