Park attractions

Children's playgound

Children enjoy our playground! Bring your skate-board and test your skill on the half-pipe, or your roller skates and hockey sticks and team up for a hockey game on the Smiley Arena.

Bamfield's own half-pipe!

Skateboard fun for all ages - watch it on YouTube!

Community events

Bring your family to the Bamfield community annual Easter Egg Hunt, the Father's Day chili cook-off, and the Canada Day parade and pig roast!

Community garden

Visit our community gardens and chat with our green-thumbers; maybe you can score a chive or strawberry or sweet pea. Enjoy the flowers and rhododendron-rich gardens.

Bamfield Memorial Tree

The Bamfield pavilion with its tribute benches and Memorial Tree will give you a glimpse into our past. The Memorial Tree is a monument to commemorate people who have lived in Bamfield at one time and are now passed. The names of these people are on the “leaves” of the tree.